Size chart

How do I know my size?

We have developed our own unique sizing system. It's easy to use. Each BRALISSE size covers a range of single sizes. Please ensure that you know your correct single size before selecting your BRALISSE size.

Underband BRALISSE SIZE Covers these single sizes
30-32" S3 30D, 30E, 30F, 32C, 32D, 32E
S4 30G, 30H, 30I, 32F, 32G, 32H
34-36" M2 (coming soon) 34B, 34C, 36B
M3 34D, 34E, 34F, 36C, 36D, 36E
M4 34G, 34H, 34I, 36F, 36G, 36H
M5 (coming soon) 34J, 34K, 34L, 36I, 36J, 36K
38-40" L2 (coming soon) 38B, 38C, 40B
L3 38D, 38E, 38F, 40C, 40D, 40E
L4 38G, 38H, 38I, 40F, 40G, 40H
42-44" XL2 (coming soon) 42B, 42C, 44B
XL3 (coming soon) 42D, 42E, 42F, 44C, 44D, 44E
XL4 (coming soon) 42G, 42H, 42I, 44F, 44G, 44H