About Bralisse

I’m Lana Sorokina — the inventor of BRALISSE.

I've been 32DDD from the age of 18. After I had my baby in 2015, I gained 50lbs and my breasts were DDDDD I think...

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As you can see my breasts went through a big transformation by 2016.

In 2017 I lost 50 pounds and went back to 32DDD, but my breasts weren't firm and perky anymore. They also dropped down 2".

I didn't want a surgical lift. I wanted a super comfortable wireless bra that is made from non-synthetic light breathable fabric to support and restore my breasts to beautiful natural shape when I wear it. But there was nothing like that on the market.

In 2017 I had a vision for a unique breast shapewear and made my first prototype of BRALISSE using my degree in Fashion Design I knew I had the skill set.

From 2017 to 2021 I created and tested 50+ prototypes of BRALISSE until I was fully satisfied with the results.

Witnessing how much love and appreciation women have expressed after experiencing the comfort and confidence of wearing BRALISSE, made me deeply inspired and motivated to bring BRALISSE to every woman with a larger bust who has long endured the struggles of finding comfortable everyday bras.

Now, in 2024, BRALISSE has 7 sizes (with more sizes coming) that are professionally manufactured in the US.

You will love your life with BRALISSE just as I do. BRALISSE is a true life changer!